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Stained Glass Faux Crow

This easy stained glass crow is perfect for adding a bit of charm to your space.



-Clear school glue

-Gel food dye

-3-D puffy paint (black)

-A frame with glass

-Various paint brushes


-Glue gun

-Crow template



-Download the template or draw your own design.

-Remove and clean the glass from the frame. Tape the design template onto the glass.

-Flip the glass over and trace with 3D puffy paint. Use a skewer to make the lines as straight as you can. Let dry completely. About 2 hours.

-Add a bit of food dye to the clear school glue to get the desired color you want. Make sure that you don't add too much. You want the paints to be transparent. If it's opaque, you've added too much food dye.

-In thin coats, brush the paint mixture onto the glass. I use a dabbing motion when painting on the color to create a texture. Once the first coat is on, wait 10-15 minutes and add another coat.

Once the glass has been painted and completely dried, Add it back into the frame and seal with hot glue. You can hang it in the window with any ribbon, string, or chain you have on hand. Enjoy!


* Dab when paining to lower the chance of air bubbles. There will be air bubbles. The amount is determined by the painting technique.

* Add two to three coats max when adding the paint layers.

* Make sure everything dries completely before handling.

* Do not get this project wet. The colors will run.

Faux Crow Template
Download PDF • 157KB


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