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Bread Clay (DIY Air-Dry Clay)

"This is such a weird way to make your own air-dry clay."

The main question is: Does it grow mold? NO!!! By adding glue and salt, they won't grow mold. Think of it like making classic Papier-mâché with flour and water. Once it's dry, it will last forever. THIS IS NOT EDIBLE!



5-6 slices of white bread (no crust)

1 TBSP Glue or Mod Podge

1 tsp Lotion

1/2 tsp fine salt

Acrylic paint

Clear acrylic sealer spray.


-Cut crust off of bread

-Tear bread into tiny pieces and place in a bowl.

-Add glue, lotion and salt.

-Knead until dough forms. It will be tough and

sticky. Keep going until smooth.

-Once you have a smooth dough, let rest in a plastic bag for 30 mins before use.

-Keep away from air while in use.

-After you've make your piece, Spray it with a clear acrylic sealer.


* If you'd like to add color, mix in acrylic paint of

your choice.

* If dough is too dry add a bit more glue, if it's too wet, add more bread and add lotion as needed.

*Keep kneading until it comes together, at first it will feel like a mess.

*If you'd like to see how I made the mushrooms, Check the video. I used watered down coffee powder to color them.


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