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DIY Spirit Ball (Hologram)

Trap yourself inside of a spirit ball with this cool Peppers Ghost project.

No need to envy the great Madame Leota. She can have her haunted mansion and her floating instruments. You too can be stuck in a crystal ball and spout out prophecies with this easy DIY. This illusion is called Peppers Ghost. It is quite simple and very magical.



Glass Dome

Candle Stick

Black Acrylic Paint

EVA Foam Dowel

Glue Gun

Gold Paint

Clear Acetate Paper


Paint Brush

IPAD or Tablet



-Light the candle stick. Wearing gloves, place the glass dome over the flame gathering black soot on one side of the dome. This gives it a smokey effect. (This will darken the back of the dome so you can see your face clearly.)

-Cut out a circle from the clear acetate sheet. Cut it as round as you can. If you have a smart cutting machine, I recommend using that. If not, no worries. just take your time.

-Once you have a clear circle, Place in at a 45 degree angle inside of the glass dome. Set aside.


-Measure an EVA foam dowel to act as a base for the dome.

-With a pencil, draw your designs on the outer half of the foam dowel. I used a triangular EVA foam dowel, but you can also use a circular one.

-With a low temp glue gun, trace the pencil designs. This gives the design a raised effect.

-Once the glue has dried, paint the foam with gold paint. I used Liquid gold leaf.

-Attach both sides of the foam together with glue gun to make a circle.


-Paint your face however you'd like and record yourself on a black background. You can say anything you'd like, just make sure everything is blacked out. Wear a black shirt, cover your neck with black fabric and make your backdrop black.

You may use my script if you'd like!


"Spirits! Spirits! I summon thee, send me a sign, a toll of three!

Witches, and Demons, wherever you dwell, come forth whenever you hear my spell!

Ghost, and Goblins all full of spite, dance on the moon on this hallowed night.

ARISE. ARISE! I summon thee!

What once was lost, I now set FREE!!!!

Upload your video to a tablet or an iPad.


Place the foam base and the dome on top of the tablet. Play the video, dim the lights, and experience the magic.


*This illusion is best viewed in a dimly lit area. It is also only visible from the front. I suggest displaying it in a corner.

*The acetate paper must be at a 45 degree angle for the illusion to work. Adjust it until you get it right.

*If you don't want to use candle soot for this project, You can paint the back of the dome with black acrylic paint instead.



Glass Dome

Acetate Paper

Liquid Gold Leaf


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